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Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Assembling Links to Carl Sagan Memorial blog-o-thon
I intend to add links to this over time

  • Ten Times Around The Sun Without Carl, his widow's thoughts on the day: anndruyan.typepad.com/ the_observatory/ 2006/ 12/ ten_times_aroun.html

  • Memories Of My Dad thoughts from Nick Sagan: nicksagan.blogs.com/ nick_sagan_online/ 2006/ 12/ dad.html

  • On Carl Sagan (at John Scalzi's Whatever): www.scalzi.com/ whatever/ 004702.html

  • Carl Sagan's Pizza: a story from RICHH www.lunabase.org/ ~faber/ RICHH/ general/ Sagans_Pizza

  • See December 10th for Carl Sagan Memorial blog-o-thon idea from Joel Schlosbberg

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