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Sunday, December 10, 2006
Carl Sagan memorial blog-a-thon

December 20, 2006 will be the tenth anniversary of Carl Sagan's death.
Some are organizing a special memorial "blog-a-thon" among Sagan's fans throughout the blogosphere.
joelschlosberg.blogspot.com/ 2006/ 11/ announcing-carl-sagan-memorial-blog.html

Existing Sagan material online
joelschlosberg.blogspot.com/ 2006/ 12/ sagan-stuff-from-around-web.html

My earlier entries mentioning Carl Sagan
Frail Granules All — 29th March, 2004: Horst Sommer on "Why Sagan, despite his failings, will always be the greatest of my heroes"

Depressed & Fearful in Lent — 8th March, 2004: just a passing mention as one of my heroes

Carl Sagan's 'In the Valley of the Shadow' — 9th June, 2003

Trawlings caught in the net — 3rd November, 2002

"What does the candle represent?" — 27th October, 2002

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