Hello Cruel World
Sunday, April 12, 2009
For Easter

Opening Words
    I believe the earth
    exists, and
    in each minim mote
    of its dust the holy
    glow of thy candle.
    unknown I know,
    thou spirit,
    lover of making, of the
    wrought letter,
    wrought flower,
    iron, deed, dream.
    Dust of the earth,
    help thou my
    unbelief. Drift
    gray become gold, in the beam of
    vision. I believe with
    doubt. I doubt and
    interrupt my doubt with belief. Be,
    beloved, threatened world.
    Each minim
    Not the poisonous
    luminescence forced
    out of its privacy,
    The sacred lock of its cell
    broken. No,
    the ordinary glow
    of common dust in ancient sunlight.
    Be, that I may believe. Amen.

    Denise Levertov
Easter has come to have associations of death & disease for me.

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