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Saturday, December 29, 2007
Mediproblems continued: Not Good News (Metastisis)

Thursday after Christmas I went into the Oncology Clinic to get the results of the tests, including the examination of the fluid drained from my lung. They found cancer cells in the fluid. In the chest & abdomen CT scan they could see some substantial infiltration of my liver with abnormal cells, as well as the fluid-filled lung and its collapsed structure.

It's the breast cancer from 2006 metastized, I'll be starting up chemotherapy in a few weeks. This time, after the trouble with my veins collapsing — remember because of the surgery affecting my arm on the mastectomy side, which has now given rise to lymphoedema, they can only use the other arm for injections, taking blood, or even testing blood pressure — they will be implanting an injectable port in my chest. Again because of the disruption on the operated side, it'll be on the right side, which is the side the lung is filling up.

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