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Tuesday, February 13, 2007
St Valentine's Eve — Hilton Bomb
There didn't seem to be very much made of the 25th Anniversary of our 'terrorist bomb', back in 2003, and the memorial actually disappeared for quite a while, first during pre-Olympic developments, then major refurbishment of the Sydney Hilton. Luckily, a plaque has re-appeared, moved to a slightly obscure pillar. But I'm hoping that next St Valentine's Eve, the 30th Anniversary, will bring some recognition (and perhaps some related government papers will get released).

Restored memorial plaque to the 3 dead in the Sydney Hilton Bombing, after major refurbishment of hotel.
"To the memory of Alec Carter, Arthur Favell and Paul Burmistriw, two city council garbagemen and a 1st class police constable, who were killed here as a result of a bomb explosion on 13th February, 1978. Forever in our thoughts. Your workmates."
Update February 2008: Some of the coverage of the 30th Anniversary (no photo of the new memorial yet):
ABC News – Sydney Hilton blast to be remembered 30 years on (www.abc.net.au/ news/ stories/ 2008/ 02/ 13/ 2161121.htm)

Sydney remembers Hilton bombings
February 13, 2008 - 4:35PM
news.smh.com.au/ sydney-remembers-hilton-bombings/ 20080213-1s0q.html

A smile, a morning hello and their world exploded
David Humphries with Paul Bibby
February 14, 2008

www.smh.com.au/ articles/ 2008/ 02/ 13/ 1202760398954.html
www.smh.com.au/ news/ national/ a-smile-a-morning-hello-and-their-world-exploded/ 2008/ 02/ 13/ 1202760398954.html
TIME and counselling have eased her pain, but Rosamund Dallow-Smith's campaign for justice is no nearer success than at any time in the 30 years since serendipity spared her life by inches but ruined innocence around her.

"I had just walked past him, smiled at him, and taken just my first step inside the staff entrance when I heard this enormous explosion,"

City of Sydney Re-dedicates Plaque Commemorating Hilton Hotel Blast Victims (Sydney City Council site)
12 February 2008
www.sydneymedia.com.au/ html/ 3513-city-of-sydney-re-dedicates-plaque-commemorating-hilton-hotel-blast-victims.asp

Sydney Hilton Hotel blast commemorated
February 13, 2008 - 7:44AM
news.theage.com.au/ sydney-hilton-hotel-blast-commemorated/ 20080213-1rwb.html

Remember the Hilton bombing
by Premier Morris Iemma
February 13, 2008 12:00am

www.news.com.au/ dailytelegraph/ story/ 0,22049,23202422-5001031,00.html

Articles : Scams and Scoundrels
The Hilton Fiasco
by Ben Hills
12 February 1998
Publication: Sydney Morning Herald

www.benhills.com/ articles/ articles/ SCM38a.html

Current Wikipedia version of Sydney Hilton Bombing

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Interesting. I recalled this history recently when I walked thru the Hilton access-way last weekend. I received comments from a Mez, it may be spam in disguise i think ,am sorry if it is not spam.
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