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Wednesday, December 27, 2006
Rambles: Peace & Goodwill
We had some of the nicest Christmas weather in Sydney for a long time. It started with some rain on the days before over a lot of places that have been in drought or bushfires. A few spots, like Mt Wellington above Hobart, and some parts of Victoria, even had snow. There was some hail around too, one storm damaging around Armidale. Here it started quite cool (17C/63F) & cloudy, but by lunch and during the afternoon it was pleasantly warm (24C/75F) with cool breezes, like spring rather than summer.
With my close family dead & others scattered, I'd thought to have a quiet little time on the day, with some earlier celebrations like official and personal times at work, or visiting a neighbour of my late partner, now also a widow. But an old friend organised for me to go to the family group he is close to, which is a reasonably large 'do', but very friendly.
After visiting his mother, now in a retirement home overlooking a bushy valley, for the morning, with a tasty -- but not overly-filling -- lunch of baked vegies, seasoned chicken & ham, with fruit salad for dessert, we headed from the north-east to the south-west, well out on the outskirts of Sydney. Only practicably accessible by car (20 minute drive to nearest train at Minto). They have a lovely large yard, and after their lunch (coming in late, we just had a handful of fruits & nibblies and shared the green tea), singing and present-exchange it was host to a backyard "soccer" game ...
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