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Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Out of the Picture
A coupla visitors have told me that the pictures here have stopped showing up. Not sure if that's due to some fiddling I did in my picture section of blogger recently, or part of what may be happening with this blog with the changeover to "Blogger Beta".

When I have time, I'll try a few different things to see if they can be restored.
Sunday, October 15, 2006
Some online document tools
Possibly useful online document tools. The best thing to do with all of them is to save often and keep a local copy. The technology systems and implementation are still roughish
"Google's online word processor, docs.google.com [I think it was Writely before - MCP], lets you import documents and then save them in other formats, such as RTF, Word, OpenOffice, and PDF. This makes it easy to convert troublesome files even if you can't/won't install OpenOffice.

You can import Microsoft Word (.doc), Rich Text (.rtf), OpenDocument Text (.odt) and StarOffice (.sxw). Also, makes free pdfs FTW!

Even cooler: you can email documents into the text editor as inline text or as attachments. -- typodiatry@email.org"

"the file size is limited to 512 K -- editing@rulise.net"

Writers are using this as "a tool for (a) getting novels to my agent and editors, (b) letting said agent and editors redline those novels, (c) as a tool for collaborating on short stories with a writer on another continent, (d) as a tool for allowing translators to grab the latest bugfixed version of a given manuscript, and (e) as an online file conversion tool. The accounts are password-protected, not open to the general public by default; data stored on their system may be read by 'bots looking for keywords, but that's about it. -- charlie@antipope.org"

Zoho Writer
www.zohowriter.com/ login.sas

www.thinkfree.com/ common/ main.tfo?

www.ajax13.com/ en/ ajaxwrite

Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Fame at Last!

The Face of Sydney

The Face of Sydney (Woman)


Faces of Sydney





Combining portraits of local residents and specialist techniques that turn Census data into visual images, The Face of Sydney consists of digitally layered composite images that represent the collective face of the city. More than 1,400 Sydney residents had their portraits taken in photo shoots in locations spanning the city’s villages.

During Art & About, these faces will be projected on a massive scale onto the wall of the AMP Building at Circular Quay,

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