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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Febrile Neutropenia (2) June 2006
Second cycle of chemotherapy, second multi-day stay in hospital. Dammit.

Na 143, K 4.5, U 4.7, Cr 84, Hb 98, Plt 94, WBC 4.3, Neut 2.9
Finger swab - mixed growth

Patient presented 8/7 post 2nd cycle of chemotherapy. She had a 1/7 history of fever & painful fifth digit on (R) finger, graze 3/7 prior. Swelling, erythrema - wound not open. Her bloods revealed neutropenia and she was treated with IV gentamicin + cafepime. Her blood results responded and was changed to oral Augmentin Duo Forte + Ciprofloxacin.
Augmentin Duo Forte pillThe Augmentin Duo Forte is slightly alarming, but not outrageously large. There is a strict thing about taking it with a bite of food or between bites. This has to be co-ordinated with the restrictions on the other antibiotic.

There are three bright fluoro warnings on the Ciprofloxacin box: one common one about drowsiness & driving or operating machinery; one about photo-sensitivity (i.e. avoiding exposure to sun & using sunblock — lucky it's midwinter); and one alarming one about avoiding a bunch of types of food within two hours (that's 4 hrs each dose, twice a day), and the Augmentin has to be taken with food.

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