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Saturday, March 18, 2006
Humour Distraction: Jon Carroll, 14th March, 2006
I do understand that this is not a funny story. I certainly oppose public drunkenness, and I oppose irresponsible physicians, and a drunken doctor is no laughing matter. A drunken surgeon is even less of a laughing matter.
Therefore, it must be true that I was not laughing when I read the tale of Dr. Federico Castro-Moure being hauled out of the operating room for allegedly being drunk and belligerent.
     Further, the event happened at Highland Hospital, which is about seven blocks from where I live and thus will be the place they take me when I fall down on the street. Not that I plan to fall down on the street, but really — who does?
     And yet, when I thought about it, this is what happened:
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