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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Low-Friction Diamonds (Post St Valentine's Day)
High Technology Finland 2005
Diamonds for lower friction
DIARC-Technology, one of the pioneers in the industrial processing of amorphous diamond thin-film coatings, has developed a new diamond coating: DIARCĀ® Miclub. This is an ideal solution for a vast number of applications where low friction properties are a priority,

Amorphous diamond coatings produced by DIARC-Technology are much harder than thin-film coatings of hard metal nitrides or diamond-like carbon films made from hydrocarbons. It is so hard that it can only be scratched by a natural diamond. The coatings are processed at low temperatures, which makes it possible to deposit them on all types of metal substrates, as well as on ceramic materials, and even plastics.

The friction coefficient of a DIARC diamond coating against steel under dry sliding conditions is only one fifth of the corresponding figure for steel, which means that it can serve as a permanent dry lubricant.
The newly developed DIARCĀ® Miclub coating reduces friction in lubricated contacts as well,
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