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Monday, February 06, 2006
Four Big Cruise Ships turned over at the Quay in a week
February, February, stinking, sticky February. I loathe Sydney's weather in February. It's come early this year, that feeling of being trapped under a grey flannel blanket with a steam-iron above it. Cockroaches bloat on the heat and damp -- the engineers back in the old wooden ferries, where you could look down a hatch into the engine room, called them 'steam flies' -- and go zooming around seeking richer pickings. One sweaty evening not long back, I had to bat one fat shiny brown and BIG buzzing critter back with folded newspaper as it flew happily in through my windows, stretched wide open to try and catch any cool evening breeze.

In the lingering heat & humidity of night, the air seems to cling and carry any scent. An overpowering sweetness from the Murraya hedges or jasmine vines, seaweed trailing over the shore, leaves and blooms quietly rotting down under the green branches pushing out.
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