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Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Corvid v Primate

Re Tool Use in non-Primates
Behavioural Ecology Research Group, Oxford Uni
Tool Use in Corvids
Alexander Weir, Jackie Chappell, Ben Kenward and Alex Kacelnik

This page includes links some movies of Betty the New Caledonian Crow making & using tools.

There's also a "laymen's" report in PDF format at www.theweeklyreport.com/Newsletters/Aug12.pdf , Science (9 August 2002), 'Shaping of Hooks in New Caledonian Crows' by Alexander Weir, Jackie Chappell and Alex Kacelnik

... Showing an extremely rare capacity for an animal to understand cause and effect and create a tool out of non-natural material, the female crow bent straight garden wire -- a material she had only seen before on cage meshes -- into a hook ...
The only time in 10 experiments when Betty did not make a hook out of the wire was when her male companion Abel managed to bring the food up with straight wire. On other occasions, he waited for Betty to bring out the food then stole it from her ...

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