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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Catseyes at the ZooCatseyes at the Zoo
At the Zoo (originally) on Yahoo! News Photos: "A Siamese cat looks out at Arab Gulf tourists at Jordan Zoo near Amman July 13, 2005. Many Arab Gulf tourists visit Jordan during the peak of the summer season. REUTERS/Ali Jarekji"

Caged Eyes

The resigned gentleness of the leopard I saw in the cage was in sharp contrast to the fires of napalm, yet its orange fur and basic nature called it a great predator. One of the most disturbing stories I have read is With Folded Hands by Jack Williamson, about a race of androids that imprison humanity in a cocoon of safety and idleness. All the captive generations descended from the one leopard father have been resting with folded forepaws for too many years, their world stolen from them by human curiosity.

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