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Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Federalism & Feminism
Back in The Good Old Days (e.g. 1850s), even a married women's *own* earnings became her husband's. It helped trap wives in almost intolerable situations & kept suffering families under the control of sometimes bad, greedy, or incompetent men. Even after some improvements in these laws (e.g. 1950s), a wife's dependence could be used as a psychological & financial weapon.

With this government's record of withdrawing funds from people who criticise it, or just don't do exactly what they say, it's quite clear why States would prefer to keep some independent funding.

Already it has made financial threats not just to community groups and citizens who assert their responsibility to represent what they think will improve our country - or prevent harm to it - but also to State Governments with differing opinions to it.

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