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Monday, April 25, 2005
Exchange: Reaction to Geraldine Brooks reaction to cancer
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last night on Denton, author Geraldine Brooks was asked what it was like to have breast cancer.

She said something like, "all your life you are scared of this thing, or that thing, then it finally happens to you and you think, 'oh, its just this, and I am still me'

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Still haven't unearthed remote control, so I can't get the captions onscreen to get gist. Saw it was her, recorded it while I listened to astronomer & ethicist on radio. I usually play Media Watch & early Denton straight back after 10pm, but got distracted by several things, then tired. Packed bag for work & went to bed.

Glad you let me know, I didn't know she'd had cancer. What she said was, in some ways, one reason why it set me back a bit when you asked about whether I'd have rather have had cancer or lost my home & job. I'd had to adapt and come to terms with living through and with the cancer and its effects, and not be forever thinking of & bemoaning the lost possibilities (or actualities, like just having a quick refreshing shower or swim).

Considering a bit more, the cancer & its effects have limited me in so many things, both physical & mental, that I guess being able to avoid it for another 20 or 30 years, and having my strength & health probably would be a reasonable swap, with the possibility that I could work enough then to at least get myself a home of my own. The _nearly_ losing everything (i.e., the home, after losing my job) that happened during 1982/3 has, OTOH, definitely left its mental scars.


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