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Wednesday, April 13, 2005
A Buncha Blog Links
dearsatanicdiary.blogspot.com Lily's Blog
Internationally released Chinese fair always - ALWAYS - contains conversations with two dialects in dialogue. In reality, these people would be struggling to mime even simple phrases. It's the equivalent of having Shrek speak to Donkey in English and Donkey replying in French and passing off the movie as "American" in an Asian market because they share the same alphabet. I saw this in Time & Tide too.

http://alonewithluna.blogspot.com/ - malay? bahasa?
http://hypernated.blogspot.com/ hyperness - music plays - interesting colour changing headline - very "personal"
crawlacrosstheocean.blogspot.com Crawl Across the Ocean - This Blog focusses primarily on Canadian politics with digressions into international politics and anything else that seems relevant, interesting, amusing, or at the very least better than not posting at all
rogrants.blogspot.com - Roger's Rants - Because no one else is listening . . .

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