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Sunday, March 20, 2005
Peter Costello & all his fellow high-population growth supporters should be right out in front defending the people of Macquarie Fields.

Jesse Kelly, at the centre of much recent kerfuffle, has, at 20, a 2-year-old child. His grandfather is 53 now, so he became a grandfather at 33, when most of those slackers in the population stakes are only considering having their first child in a few years.

It's obvious the country needs many more Macquarie Fields to reach that 50 million population our businessmen and property developers so much desire. Yes, a country full of fast breeders such as this would be a great contribution to the Australia of the 21st Century, and a grand memorial to the forward-looking governor commemorated in its name.

It was my impression that "tenderhooks" are the smaller-sized young "tenterhooks", which haven't hardened up yet.
Marinaded briefly in white wine with a few herbs and quickly steamed or tossed on the barbecue hotplate, they make a light side dish for summer, whereas the tastier, but tougher, tenterhooks are best slow-cooked at a low temperature in a casserole or winter soup.

The SBS documentary on spy flights on Saturday was both a record of technical advances and an interesting reminder of a part of history often passed over. Testimony showed how both sides in the Cold War could be deceptive & ruthless in pursuit of their beliefs.

The section mentioning the support of the US for "partisans" in Eastern Europe, sabotaging & waging guerilla war on the USSR did strike me rather: would we call them "terrorists" today?

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