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Wednesday, February 16, 2005
HMAS Sydney 2 (sinking in WW II)
www.naa.gov.au/Publications/research_guides/guides/ sydney/pages/intro

www.naa.gov.au/Publications/research_guides/ guides/sydney/pages/appendix1.htm
The Sinking of HMAS Sydney
A Guide to Commonwealth Government Records
The National Archives of Australia
The loss of HMAS Sydney with its full war complement of 645 virtually
without trace remains to this day Australia’s single worst naval disaster.
The circumstances surrounding the loss have never been fully explained ...

HMAS Sydney II and the Kormoran
The loss of HMAS Sydney, 19 November 1941
The most grievous loss suffered by the Royal Australian Navy occurred on 19
November 1941, when the cruiser HMAS Sydney was lost in action with the
German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran off the Western Australian coast. None of
the Sydney's complement of 645 men survived. The Kormoran was also sunk in
the action.
NAVY: Sea Power Centre - Australia: HMA Ship Histories
(also see www.navy.gov.au/spc/history/ archives/kormoran/kormoran.htm
RAN History - Archives ... images of original documents relating to the HMAS
SYDNEY / KORMORAN engagement on 19 November 1941
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