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Thursday, February 24, 2005
Hunter Stockton Thompson & other Different Lives

Fear, Loathing, and Great Reporting

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson is most remembered for over-the-top writings and
personality. But it's worth remembering that he was also a damned fine
reporter, with a gift for details and one of the best crap detectors in
by Sam Smith

(February 22, 2005) -- One of the brightest lights in the American firmament blinked out Sunday. Word of Hunter Thompson’s death arrived at our house via the crawl on the network happy news this morning, and there’s irony enough in that fact alone.

Hunter Stockton Thompson, the Good Doctor, is most remembered for his over-the-top tours des excès – "Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas" being the most famous. But it’s not the gonzo high spots I’ll remember him for. What has gotten so lost in the legend that Thompson became (and the self-parody he sometimes lapsed into later in his career) is that he was a damned fine reporter.

www.smh.com.au/news/Obituaries/ Journalisms-official-crazy/ 2005/02/22/1109046921418.html

There's a bunch more online, and some nice collections. I've gathered a bunch together, but need to arrange & consolidate them.

Whew! How's that for The Onion.
The Soapbox By James W. Henley
"I Support the occupation but I don't support our troops"

911digitalarchive.org and www.911digitalarchive.org/about

What is a Backyard Habitat?
One House Can Make A Difference!
href="http://planetsave.blogspot.com/2005/01/nobody-ever-dies-of-overpopulation.html">Nobody Ever Dies of Overpopulation

Wolfin is only sold to licensed Wolfin applicators. We recommend you check the license status with Wolfin Membranes Australia (phone 02 8336 1666 or email mail@projex.com.au ) because many applicators claiming to be licensed and/or experienced Wolfin applicators are in fact not – and therefore cannot be supplied

Why did nobody report this?
Well, as it happens, these parents were homeschoolers, so there were no
mandated reporters to tell the state that the children were coming to school
emaciated and with cattleprod marks and sans toenails.

As a matter of fact, the Dollars were doing such a fabulous job as the
completely unsupervised caregivers and homeschoolers and "biblical"
chastisers of five children that they decided to become open a completely
unsupervised Christian school
Before they were accused of torturing five children, John and Linda
Dollar ran a private Christian school out of their home near Knoxville.

The Mountain View Christian School opened in fall 1999 in rural
Strawberry Plains, about 15 miles east of Knoxville ...
Children aren't that big. They're kinda likely to fall through when you take
out all the boards between the cracks.

The Labor Department is going to investigate why they've agreed to notify
Wal-Mart fifteen days in advance of inspections as part of a settlement
against Wal-Mart for underage labor violations.

Yep. In order to keep from getting prosecuted, Wal-Mart was forced to agree
that the Labor Department would stop checking if they're breaking the law
The inspector general of the Labor Department has decided to investigate its agreement to give Wal-Mart Stores 15 days' notice before investigating any stores facing complaints of child labor violations, according to department officials.

The inspector general's decision comes after lawmakers and children's advocacy groups criticized the department's settlement of child labor complaints against 24 Wal-Mart stores in Connecticut, New Hampshire and Arkansas. Without admitting any wrongdoing, Wal-Mart agreed to pay $135,540 to settle complaints involving 85 youths.
08:44 am February 21st, 2005

Alternative Minimum Tax
The A.M.T. effectively sets up a parallel tax system for all households, in which few deductions are allowed. Taxpayers whose alternative tax is higher than their regular federal income tax must pay the alternative one.

Dredging up the past
Mark wrote: "These people are supposedly so concerned about what their interest rates will be over the next three years that they are happy to leave to their children and grandchildren a world in which international relations looks more like the end of the nineteenth century than the end of the twentieth, and all that implies."
Interesting. For some while now I've been contradicting people who say "John Howard wants to take us back to the 1950s", by pointing out that what his policies seem to prefer as a society is closer to the 1850s. Those who've read Dickens, Hardy, and perhaps a bit of social history would recognise the structure, with all the social and human gains (not to mention ecological awareness and new understandings in biology, psychology, comsmology, spirituality) bought with such struggle and cost stripped out. With all the lessons of both the evil and good humans can do denied and forgotten.

Do you think we could characterise the current "Liberal" Party idealogues as following the philosophy of Harry Lime, who dismissed several hundred years of peace and justice as only producing cuckoo clocks?

Posted September 27, 2004 10:11 PM

Wednesday, February 23, 2005
A few interesting things, including reflections on some unpleasant numbers

How to Write an Epic Poem

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Find a Literary Agent
Write a Limerick http://www.ehow.com/how_3332_write-limerick.html

Another Friday cat-blogger - see also
http://www.flickr.com/photos/49756365@N00/4193674/ (Marble eyes - cat photo)
see also
http://www.flickr.com/photos/plebon/4149980/ for another cat photo from a
contact of mine.

Readers Digest building garden waterproofing - the home page

Collection of links to arty blogs (much in French)
www.fotocompany.com (the other kind of arty pictures ... )
( some pretty flowers at http://www.arcticzoo.com/archives/2004_01.html
along with some other links, thoughts & stuff that it find mildly
interesting )

Some observations from an absorbing discussion thread at Whatever, John
Scalzi's blog.
The state that has the lowest incidence of divorce in the US is
Massachusetts, which as we all know is so flamingly liberal that they even
let the gay people get married, to other gay people, even

I call myself a recovering catholic. Being a recovering catholic is like
being a recovering alcohilic; If you're an alcoholic, you're always an
alcoholic, you're just in recovery; the same thing goes for being catholic.

Getting a Sense of Proportion
(A very dangerous thing, according to Douglas Adams, see HHGG2 )

You are here (Solar System)
This is a work in progress... 1 pixel = ~1,000 km; images are to scale with
each other (This page does not display properly in Safari and Opera; they do
not support super-wide tables or images, apparently.)
1 pixel = ~1,000 km; planet sizes are approx. to scale

A PhotoShop tutorial on processing a very popular image from topleftpixel.

And the unpleasant bit, not an unexpected set of stories, but good to see
that some people are picking them up.
Monday, February 21 was "Presidents' Day" holiday in the USA. This may be
looking at the effect of the current president. Some extracts. (NB these
are US casualties, we're not looking at Iraqi civilians, etc, here.) The
site has links to different sources.

"It's difficult to estimate what the total number is," says John Pike,
director of a research group called GlobalSecurity.org which publishes an
informed estimate that goes well beyond what the Pentagon has released.

"You have to say that the total number of casualties due to wounds, injury,
disease would have to be somewhere in the ballpark of over 20, maybe
30,000," says Pike... [In November 2004]

Information about the number of US casualties in Iraq is available
on a web site of the Pentagon or known as the "War Hub" at www.pentagon.gov.
This information covers only those who are officially US citizens enlisted
with different military services.

Hired security contractors, or mercenaries, and recruits who are not
citizens who enlisted to obtain a "green card," are not counted or
mentioned. A large number of the green card recruits are from Mexico and
Central America. There are no organizations to look after their rights or
help them once they're in Iraq. Most of them are buried in Iraq when killed
... It is estimated that as many as 40% of the US troops serving in Iraq are
green card recruits.

WASHINGTON, Jan. 20 (UPI) -- A soldier who served in Iraq apparently hung
himself with a bedsheet last week at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, but
the Pentagon did not count that death two days later when it announced "a
very small increase" in the suicide rate from Operation Iraqi Freedom ...
The Pentagon said it is not counting suicides among troops who killed
themselves after they left Iraq ...

Thirty-six journalists - and 18 media support workers - have been
killed since the beginning of hostilities in Iraq in March 2003, according
to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

At least nine have died as a result of American fire, said Ann
Cooper, executive director of the CPJ ... [including] Mazen Dana, a
43-year-old Palestinian [who] was described by Reuters as one of its finest
cameramen ... According to [various] sources, Dana's family, when
interviewed after the murder, had stated to investigators that Dana was
murdered because he was shooting video footage of mass graves of US soldiers
--- i.e., soldiers killed who were not counted in the official Pentagon
casualty figures --- for a television documentary on the subject for

Which makes an interesting companion to The Onion.
The Soapbox By James W. Henley
"I support the occupation but I don't support our troops"


Tuesday, February 22, 2005
Hunter S. Thompson, R.I.P.
Hunter. S. Thompson, R.I.P.
February 20, 2005
Raoul Duke is dead
So long, Dr. Gonzo. Strange as it sounds, you were one of the last voices of
reason in these f---ed up times.
An Appreciation of Hunter S. Thompson (Achenblog, by Joel Achenbach)

For all of Thompson's theatrics and self-abuse, he could write like
a demon. His prose accelerated across the page like a sportscar with the top
down. He kept himself squarely in the picture, to great comic effect. We
understood that he needed drugs the way other people needed oxygen, that he
had an odd fondness for guns and violence, and that he loathed Richard Nixon
and most authoritarian institutions. Otherwise, he wasn't very complicated.
He didn't gum up his narrative with soul-searching. He really served as a
big eyeball, if perhaps a rather glazed one.
February 21, 2005
A product of his own chutzpah
(also see readers' comments here, such as Comments posted by: rdghand
at February 21, 2005 08:47 PM and Chris
at February 22, 2005 06:58 AM )

Hunter S. Thompson
Author of 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' and inventor of 'gonzo'
22 February 2005
Hunter Stockton Thompson, journalist and writer: born Louisville, Kentucky
18 July 1937; twice married (one son); died Woody Creek, Colorado 20
February 2005.
Hunter S. Thompson in 2003 summed up his life thus: "I was a notorious
best-selling author of weird and brutal books and also a widely feared
newspaper columnist . . . I was also drunk, crazy and heavily armed at all
times." He died on Sunday as a result of gunshot wounds, apparently
(Ralph Steadman's memories)
Home > Enjoyment >> Books >> Features
Hunter S. Thompson RIP: 'I would feel real trapped in this life if I didn't
know I could commit suicide at any time'
As his creative collaborator and friend, Ralph Steadman remembers the author
Hunter S Thompson, who has shot himself at the age of 67
Published : 22 February 2005
James Lawton: Fear and Revelation in Houston
22 February 2005
Sadness at the suicide of the great gonzo journalist Hunter Thompson will
reach into some of those wilder corners of American sport not completely
flattened by the age of corporate hospitality.
Dr Thompson reserved many of his more spectacular performances for the Super
Bowl and at the Kentucky Derby in his native Louisville, where he often
returned to spread terror among his erstwhile neighbours.
Last year at the Super Bowl in Houston I was told I was occupying a hotel
room once trashed by the great man. His supreme achievement had, apparently,
been to come out of his room, in a state of heightened consciousness,
straddle himself over the barrier separating guests from a courtyard below
and read several passages from the Book of Revelation. The room, if one
remembers correctly, was on the 27th floor.

February 21, 2005
Aaawww, Mama, Can This Really Be The End?

http://www.gonzo.org/ (The Great Thompson Hunt) A collection of Hunternalia

http://www.network54.com/Forum/284840 Discussion board
The Proverbial 'Live Boy'
By William Rivers Pitt
t r u t h o u t | Perspective
Monday 22 February 2005
Hunter Thompson is the reason I write politics. Period. He was the most
honest man in the business. Everyone else had and has an angle, a
reputation, or a source to protect. Hunter stripped it down to the raw
throbbing nerve and let it fly.
... My hero died tonight. He was a flawed man, a maniac, in so many ways the
antithesis of what a journalist is supposed to be. Worst of all, he told the
truth. There is now one less warrior on this planet filled with Guckert
clones, drones who get fed shit and regurgitate it wholesale for the masses
because that is what we are trained to eat.
Rest in peace, Hunter. Thank you for everything.
Hunter S. Thompson, RIP
Filed under: General — site admin @ 12:45 am

Possibly his last published piece of writing.
Shotgun Golf with Bill Murray
By Hunter S. Thompson

[some other of his "Hey, Rube" columns:
http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/print?id=1919141&type=story 9 November 2004
The pain of losing; ]

a buncha stuff
Byron v Southern Star Group Pty Ltd (1997) 73 FCR 264 (Lehane#J)


[Related proceedings see (1996) 136 FLR 267; 22 ACSR 553;

15 ACLC 191


(Noted 15 C & SLJ 197) (CA)

(which affd Southern Star Group Pty Ltd v Byron (1995) 123 FLR 368;

13 ACLC 1,622 (Young#J));

and Byron v Southern Star Group Pty Ltd (t/as KGC Magnetic Tapes)

(1995) 123 FLR 352; 13 ACLC 301 (CA)

(which set aside Southern Star Group Pty Ltd (t/as KGC Magnetic Tapes) v

Taylor (No#2) (1991) 9 ACLC 1,211 (Rolfe#J, 07/06/1991)

(which had related proceedings see (1991) 4 ACSR 133;

9 ACLC 386 (Rolfe#J, 18/02/1991))]


{^(Southern Star Group Pty Ltd v Byron (1995) 123 FLR 368;^)}
{^(13 ACLC 1,622^)}
{^([Earlier proceedings see Byron v Southern Star Group Pty Ltd^)}
{^((t/a KGC Magnetic Tapes) (1995) 123 FLR 352; 13 ACLC 301^)}
{^((which set aside Southern Star Group Pty Ltd (t/a KGC Magnetic Tapes)
{^(Taylor [No#2] (1991) 9 ACLC 1,211 (7/6/1991));^)}
{^(and (1991) 4 ACSR 133; 9 ACLC 386 (18/2/1991)]^)}
{^((123 FLR 352)^)}
{^(<199607,Appl & Cons>Cohen v McWilliam (1995) 38 NSWLR 476^)}
{^(<199703,Refd>Queensland v JL Holdings Pty Ltd (1997) 71 ALJR 294^)}
{^((9 ACLC 1,211)^)}
{^(<199212,Cons & Appr>Group Four Industries Pty Ltd v Brosnan^)}
{^((1992) 10 ACLC 1,437^)}
{^((4 ACSR 133)^)}
{^(<199412,Appl>Perrins Roofing Pty Ltd v Hain [No#2] (1992)^)}
{^(15 Qld Lawyer Reps#7^)}

{^(@ SEE ABOVE?^)}
{^(Southern Star Group Pty Ltd (t/a KGC Magnetic Tapes) v Taylor [No#2]^)}
{^(Southern Star Group Pty Ltd v Byron^)}


or possibly

• "There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. Some kind of high-powered
mutant never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and
too rare to die."

• Dr. Gonzo, Hunter S. Thompson, is dead. Apparently a self-inflicted
gunshot. Very sad.

A few HST links:
• His entry on Wikipedia and a collection of quotes.
• A fansite, The Great Thompson Hunt.
• An archive of all his ESPN.com articles.
• An interview which he postponed for 20 minutes because he was completely
engrossed in the film version of "Sense And Sensibility."
• A February 2003 interview with Salon.
• An October 2004 essay on the presidential election for Rolling Stone.
• An interview in which an equipment failure nicely demonstrates what a
difficult man he could be.
• Illustrator Ralph Steadman's website, from which I took the image
illustrating today's blog entry.
• An excerpt from the biography "Hunter" by E. Jean Carroll.
• A 1991 profile of Thompson.
• A website focusing on his first book, 1960's "The Rum Diary," with photos
from that era and an excerpt of the first chapter.
• The IMDB page for Terry Gilliam's superb film version of "Fear And
Loathing In Las Vegas."
• An interview with Gilliam about the film.

• Update: Rox Populi has another collection of links, better than mine. (via

21 February 2005
The Good Doctor is Out
A Hunter S. Thompson Random Reader

(note: http://pharyngula.org/index/weblog/gonzo_gone/ pours acid on James
Lilek's opinion of HST)

NYT Obit
d85ff582f3 5&ei=5090&partner=rssuserland
Hunter S. Thompson, 67, Author, Commits Suicide

Christian Thompson/Reuters


Published: February 21, 2005
Featured Author: Hunter S. Thompson
A retrospective on the career of the gonzo journalist, including book
reviews, an interview and a book excerpt.
• Photographs

Forum: Join a Discussion on the Life and Death of Hunter S. Thompson

Michael R. Brands/Associated Press
Hunter S. Thompson
Hunter S. Thompson, the maverick journalist and author whose savage
chronicling of the underbelly of American life and politics embodied a new
kind of nonfiction writing he called "gonzo journalism," died yesterday in
Colorado. Tricia Louthis, of the Pitkin County Sheriff's Office, said Mr.
Thompson had died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at his home in Woody
Creek, Colo., yesterday afternoon. He was 67.

Mr. Thompson, a magazine and newspaper writer who also wrote almost a dozen
books, was perhaps best known for his book, "Fear and Loathing in Las
Vegas," which became a Hollywood movie in 1998. But he was better known for
his hard-driving lifestyle and acerbic eye for truth which he used in the
style of first-person reporting that came to be known as "gonzo" in the
1960's, where the usually-anonymous reporter becomes a central character in
the story, a conduit of subjectivity.

"Nobody really knows what it means, but it sounds like an epithet," he said
in an interview that, for him, journalism "can be an effective political

Hunter Stockton Thompson was born in Louisville, Ky., on July 18, 1937, the
son of an insurance agent. He was educated in the public school system and
joined the United States Air Force after high school. There, he was
introduced to journalism, covering sports for an Air Force newspaper at
Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. He was honorably discharged in 1958 and
then worked a series of jobs writing for small-town newspapers.

It was in the heat of deadline that gonzo journalism was born while he was
writing a story about the Kentucky Derby for Scanlan's magazine, he
recounted years later in an interview in Playboy magazine.

"I'd blown my mind, couldn't work," he told Playboy. "So finally I just
started jerking pages out of my notebook and numbering them and sending
them to the printer. I was sure it was the last article I was ever going to
do for anybody."

Instead, he said, the story drew raves and he was inundated with letters and
phone calls from people calling it "a breakthrough in journalism," an
experience he likened to "falling down an elevator shaft and landing in a
pool of mermaids."

He went on to become a counter cultural hero with books and articles that
skewered America's hypocrisy.

"He wrote to provoke, shock, protest and annoy," Timothy Crouse wrote in his
book "The Boys on the Bus," about the 1972 presidential campaign.

Mr. Thompson's pioneering first-person, at times over-the-top, writing style
influenced a generation of writers.

As a young man, he was heavily influenced by Jack Kerouac and wholeheartedly
followed Kerouac's approach in which the writer revels in his struggles
with writing.

Among his books were "Hell's Angels," "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,"
"Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72," "The Great Shark Hunt,"
"Generation of Swine" and "Songs for the Doomed."

Related Links

Monday, February 21st, 2005
11:34 pm
I'm sorry you have (apparently) lost the ability to jump either onto the bed
or the windowsill, and instead have to wander around my legs and / or stand
up on the back of the chair. It's also extremely unfortunate that you have
inexplicably lost the ability to make a sound, except for the occasional,
piteous, barely-audible squeak. Such a travesty for an 8-month-old kitten.

On the other hand, I was quite happy to be able to provide a bare shoulder /
arm for you to claw to the bone catch yourself on as your most recent
miscalculated attempt to land on the windowsill resulted instead in a brief
trapeze act on the curtains next to the computer.

Ah. It appears you've regained your ability to leap tall buildings (and
bedframes) in a single bound.

I'm so happy.

'The Serpent Wise Deals Death To Lies' (Jeremy)
(earlier blog is http://www.livejournal.com/users/anachronic/ )

ducts_id=1 904
My Eyes Are Nailed, But Still I See
By David Niall Wilson & Brett Alexander Savory
Introduction by Seth Lindberg


Memegen lets YOU create your own quizzes and tests that work with blogs or
journals like LiveJournal or Xanga

Book virus
I caught the virus from Womzilla. It goes:

Grab the nearest book.
Open the book to page 23.
Find the fifth sentence.
Post the text of the sentence in your journal...
...along with these instructions.

If the men are darker, it is pastes in slender strings they'll eat, or
tubes, always farinaceous, as the dictionary says; but more often on
Anglo-Saxon fare the potato takes place before any foreign macaroni or

How to Write an Epic Poem
Related eHows:
Write a Short Story http://www.ehow.com/how_3337_write-short-story.html
Write a Sonnet http://www.ehow.com/how_3335_write-sonnet.html
Write a Haiku http://www.ehow.com/how_3336_write-haiku.html
Find a Literary Agent
Write a Limerick http://www.ehow.com/how_3332_write-limerick.html


The state that has the lowest incidence of divorce in the US is
Massachusetts, which as we all know is so flamingly liberal that they even
let the gay people get married, to other gay people, even

I call myself a recovering catholic. Being a recovering catholic is like
being a recovering alcohilic; If you're an alcoholic, you're alway an
alcoholic, you're just in recovery; the same thing goes for being catholic.

Marble eyes
Taken by Gina's Photos!


HST linx and other things
Entry for 21st February has a bunch of HST links: "One of God's own
prototypes. Some kind of high-powered mutant never even considered for mass

Another tribute:

NYT HST section

Be your own Christo! (cheering up after HST links)

by John Douglas
"you haven’t lived ‘til you’ve seen a small platoon of nude, armed, and
dangerous Douglas clones poised for action"
and another artistic thang

I've already used the line "Paranoid? Moi?", so I'll just have to repeat

Have you pointed me to this before? Spotting which is 'real' and which
'fake' smile.


Warm & fuzzy in NYC

and not

Thursday, February 17, 2005
Other kinds of fireworks elsewhere
see also http://rampagingpms.blogspot.com/

(also see frinstance Friday ... Toy Blogging for February 11th (following
Hunk Blog on Thursday))

http://www.boxjamsdoodle.com/ (I'm looking at St Valentine's Day version)

http://www.livejournal.com/users/catelin/179683.html Attitudes

http://www.strangeradiation.com/gallery/gates (photos of Central Park with
"The Gates")

Tammet is calculating 377 multiplied by 795. Actually, he isn't
"calculating": there is nothing conscious about what he is doing. He arrives
at the answer instantly. Since his epileptic fit, he has been able to see
numbers as shapes, colours and textures. The number two, for instance, is a
motion, and five is a clap of thunder. "When I multiply numbers together, I
see two shapes. The image starts to change and evolve, and a third shape
emerges. That's the answer. It's mental imagery. It's like maths without
having to think."

Ian Stewart & Jack Cohen
Aspect, May 2004, $24.95, 343 pp.
ISBN 0446529834
Since Ian Stewart is an enormously published Mathematician and science
writer, and Jack Cohen a biologist who has worked with SF authors before,
this work is extraordinarily interesting to Mathematical Biologists
What I Want: I want to awaken from this terrible dream, and find him
sleeping contentedly beside me, and not for the first time, or the 100th.

Thought you might like to know. Testing the new Google Maps service with some locations in Noo Yawk, I got the following response: "We could not understand the location Times Square." (I saved this as an image file too, just to show people.)

Wednesday, February 16, 2005
HMAS Sydney 2 (sinking in WW II)
www.naa.gov.au/Publications/research_guides/guides/ sydney/pages/intro

www.naa.gov.au/Publications/research_guides/ guides/sydney/pages/appendix1.htm
The Sinking of HMAS Sydney
A Guide to Commonwealth Government Records
The National Archives of Australia
The loss of HMAS Sydney with its full war complement of 645 virtually
without trace remains to this day Australia’s single worst naval disaster.
The circumstances surrounding the loss have never been fully explained ...

HMAS Sydney II and the Kormoran
The loss of HMAS Sydney, 19 November 1941
The most grievous loss suffered by the Royal Australian Navy occurred on 19
November 1941, when the cruiser HMAS Sydney was lost in action with the
German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran off the Western Australian coast. None of
the Sydney's complement of 645 men survived. The Kormoran was also sunk in
the action.
NAVY: Sea Power Centre - Australia: HMA Ship Histories
(also see www.navy.gov.au/spc/history/ archives/kormoran/kormoran.htm
RAN History - Archives ... images of original documents relating to the HMAS
SYDNEY / KORMORAN engagement on 19 November 1941
A nice private site is at

Neil Gaiman's Cats and Inflated Self-Assessments
See Cat update, under the letter about "Creatures of the Night" by Jamilah
www.neilgaiman.com/journal/2005/02/ hi-ya-yo-yo-yo-yiiiiiii-ha.asp

Unskilled and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One's Own Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessments

Justin Kruger and David Dunning
Department of Psychology
Cornell University

People tend to hold overly favorable views of their abilities in many social and intellectual domains. The authors suggest that this overestimation occurs, in part, because people who are unskilled in these domains suffer a dual burden: Not only do these people reach erroneous conclusions and make unfortunate choices, but their incompetence robs them of the metacognitive ability to realize it ...
(The lemon juice-video camera story is a new one to me!)
[Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. © 1999 by the American
Psychological Association For personal use only--not for distribution
December 1999 Vol. 77, No. 6, 1121-1134 ]

Tuesday, February 15, 2005
A Lie will go around the world before Truth gets its boots on
Not explaining this fully, but just a reminder.

Things like Scottish Play v Real Macbeth, and Richard III's stage & historical records connects up with things like Teresa's comments at Common fraud (December 03, 2004)[ nielsenhayden.com/makinglight/archives/005850.html ] and various discussions here and over there about how just ignoring facts & truth, and repeating what you want people to believe will often eventually pound itself into the local unconscious as 'common sense' or accepted, unquestioned belief.
Also connects with the technique of The Big Lie, and what I'm coming to believe is a defining part of humanity; what I think is called story or narrative or plot. Just throw random images down, and people will start to make up connexions & stories. (Possibly something to do with our development of a sense of time, causality, logic & so forth in pre-human days.)
Is another reason for disliking many attitudes seen in books, films, computer games, and the assumptions they make, which are starting to bleed into people's real decision making. Also connects to feminist attempts to push such unstated assumptions in language out into the light, and sometimes out of it altogether.

Thursday, February 10, 2005
Mostly from Astronomy Picture of the Day
Shadow Set in Wyoming

Shadow Rise in California

The Belt of Venus
antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap011209.html Also visible in

Aslan Shrugged: Author's Note
February 02, 2005

Periodic Table Horoscopes

Looking back, the HQ (Virtual) of the Travis Tea Fan Club would be the Travis Tea Room, on Travis Street (a bit north of the Texas Historic Landmark of Magnolia House) in Cameron, the county seat of Milam County, Texas.

Fulminate: An explosive salt of fulminic acid, especially fulminate of mercury.

; > ; >
Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Top 10 Excel annoyances

Handy Tips for Working with Excel 2003
Frank Rice
Microsoft Corporation
December 2004
Applies to:
Microsoft Office Excel 2003


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