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Wednesday, November 24, 2004
Timbuktoo, Mali
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Q. Where did all these photos and the idea for the site come from?
A. From literally thousands of websites I have explored over the last
8 years. I started in mid-1994 after visiting Matthew Woore's "300
Skylines" page. The World City Photo Archive's earliest incarnation
would be the collaboration I did with Matt in gathering new photos for
his page, which was unique at the time. Ahh, the heady days of hunting
fruitlessly high and low across the infant (and blessedly
non-commercial) internet for photos of Antananarivo, Noril'sk.....but
I digress :-)

Q. WHY do you do this?
A. I have always loved geography, maps, and comparative urban form. I
got a university degree in it, in fact. And what better way to see the
juicier parts of the world that are difficult to impossible to reach,
unless you're Robert Pelton (bless you and your books, sir). You may
notice that the photos I seek most diligently are those of
underrepresented third-world nations and cities. Folks, these people,
their problems, their solutions, and their societies, and their cities
are much more interesting than their bland Old World and American
equivalents. I see a stange beauty in the stark layouts of Soviet box
apartments of the Russian cities (see Nizhnevartosk!). The modern
architecture in Chinese cities is amazing and daring.
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