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Wednesday, August 18, 2004
Obsolete? High Technology
From the Gallimaufry entry showing their
Worldcon schedule extract
We find the listing for this panel discussion with this question:
JK Monday 11:00am Obsolete High Technology: Bill Higgins, Jordin T. Kare, Robert A. Metzger, Charles Stross
What was the highest of tech in 1910? Radio and the Titanic.

The highest tech in 1910 was probably nuclear physics - just beginning. And it's 5 years after Einstein's annus mirabilis, where he "published a series of groundbreaking papers on Brownian motion (which convinced the doubters that atoms really did exist), special relativity and the photoelectric effect" (his first Nobel Prize paper). Its centenary could be interesting.

Check out, as a quick example, these two timelines (there are probably even more storylines in the history there than were used in Copenhagen).
Nuclear & Particle Physics Timeline
Quantum Mechanics Timeline

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