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Wednesday, August 11, 2004
A Nicer Pyrmont Fish Markets Experience
Quick hint to avoid nasty Bank Street crossing & car park obstacle course if
you are going to the Pyrmont Fish Markets by light rail (or even by bus).

If you go past the 'official' fish market tram stop to the one just before
the Wentworth Park viaduct ( see map at href="http://www.metrolightrail.com.au/Artwork/MetroNetworkMap/MetroNetworkM
_c10_f2.gif), walk back to Pyrmont Bridge Road and cross at the lights,
directly opposite the Wentworth Park corner there is a pedestrian entrance
which takes you along the shore where the picnic tables are at the back of
the 'main' fish market building.
By bus, since they stopped running the 459 along Pyrmont Bridge Rd, in most
cases you need to get off the 441, 442 or 501 under the freeway, then ,
depending whether your bus was heading in or out of town, cross the road(s)
towards the markets, *walk up around the corner* and enter via the Pyrmont
Bridge Road entrance.

Later, if there isn't room to sit in the markets you can cross back and sit
in the shade or sun in Wentworth Park. There are also some nice small parks
if you head out of the markets towards Pyrmont, e.g. between the rail line &
Bulwara Street behind the freeway sound barrier (near the 'official' Fish
Market tram stop), or at the corner of Harris & Pyrmont Bridge, opposite
Cromwell's Auctioneers & the Quarrymen's Arms, close to bus stops & with
tables, seats & a bubbler. You can also explore along Bank Street towards

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