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Wednesday, July 21, 2004
Happy Anniversary, Mike, Buzz & Neil
www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj ( Apollo Lunar Surface Journal - a good resource to argue against the 'moon landings were faked' idea.)
Sitting among a bunch of restless children on a hard wooden floor at the back of the midwinter-cold school hall, with the B & W 16" TV on the stage, after waiting through a long delay, it was very difficult to hear or see the transmission.  Luckily by then my parents had TV of their own (before would watch at my grandmother's) and we could all watch the replay together on that night's news.  Now I have seen the Full Moon exhibition, with photos up to life-size, and have the book Full Moon, by Michael Light, Andrew Chaikin (Alfred A. Knopf, 1999, ISBN: 0375406344) Light took NASA's master negatives of photos taken by Apollo astronauts and scanned them electronically, there's an essay by Chaikin.
www.retroweb.com/apollo_retrospective.html (A personal look back at man's first voyages to the Moon, from the perspective of a young teenager at the time.)

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