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Saturday, May 01, 2004
Don't you love a good trashing? He's talking about Fancy Street Food, but What a Street By Amanda Hesser (NYTimes.com, March 24, 2004)

World on Fire - reclaiming religion from the right
worldonfire.typepad.com/world_on_fire/ 2004/04/god_on_our_side.html

Orcinus, as ever making a few good points. dneiwert.blogspot.com/archives/ 2004_03_07_dneiwert_archive.html#107899543957801295

And some other good US political bloggers:
Kit's Concatenation
concatenation.blogspot.com/ 2004_03_01_concatenation_archive.html#107901764086303446


Sisyphus Shrugged

Project For A New Century Of Freedom

Roger Ailes (Mediocrity at its finest)

And a worrying story:
Dog-walking New Yorkers fear electrocution
Wed 28 April, 2004 13:03
By Christine Kearney

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