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Wednesday, May 05, 2004
Those Dark Hiding Places:
The Invisible Web Revealed

Robert J. Lackie, Assistant Professor-Librarian, Rider University


"The Web," according to Chris Sherman, Internet search expert and Associate Editor of SearchEngineWatch.com, "is increasingly moving away from being a collection of documents and becoming a multidimensional repository for sounds, images, audio, and other formats." Because much of this information is not accessible to many general search engines' software spiders, we need to look for specific search tools that will lead us to this hidden content. Some of these tools include directories, searchable sites, free Web databases, and a few general and many specialized search engines. Begin searching with...

* Directories and Portals when you:
   o have a broad topic
   o want selected, evaluated, and annotated collections
   o prefer quality over quantity
* Invisible or Deep Web [searchable sites and databases] when you:
   o are looking for information that is likely in a database
   o are looking for information that dynamically changes in content
* Search engines [general and specialized] when you:
   o have a narrow topic
   o want to take advantage of the newer retrieval technologies

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