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Saturday, May 01, 2004
Nokia voice commands software www.neuvoice.com/products.php (Doesn't work on my old-style very low-end model 2100. But I quite like my phone & it does what I need.
Stylistically, I did get a groovy deep-purple high-gloss (finish had depth like car duco) cover for it and was given transparent lilac keypad. Very suavette. At the moment have changed cover to a pale translucent lilac for two reasons:
    1) because I'm deliberately not wearing or using things I had very much in the mourning colours - I haven't worn any black at all, except for only pair of walking shoes, since Easter, as a statement;
    2) just for a bit of a change. The phone has a number of bright internal LEDs, and "original" covers are also translucent to show that off. It wasn't until after I'd used it a few times that I realised after being exposed to a bright light, it glowed in the dark WOW - Ha!

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