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Wednesday, May 19, 2004
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Themis - Greek Goddess of Justice (Roman = Justitia). Depending on source, is either offspring of Helios (all-seeing, penetrator of mysteries), or of Uranus&Gaea. Original oracle at Delphi passed fromGaea to Themis to Apollo. Offspring Horae&Moirae-thefates

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Magic wins over reality
Rose Blanche By Roberto Innocenti and Ian McEwan Random House, 32 pp, $18.95

[The story of how a child experiences war without really understanding it. Rose observes changes going on around her which others choose to ignore. Her simple humanity teaches her how to reach out to the innocent victims of her times. ]
Rose Blanche - $18.95
Ian McEwan
ISBN 0099439506
Format PaperBack
Category Children's Picture Books
Publisher Random House Children's Books (A Division of Random House Group)
Publication Date 01-Jan-2004
Pages 32
Dimensions 279 x 210

Oh, what a lovely war
A book for children about World War I has won the best picture-book award. Christopher Bantick spoke to its creators. The Sunday Age 17/08/2003
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