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Friday, March 12, 2004
www.tokyoflash.com/viewwatch.php?id=13&from=W1 [link should work] via www.gizmodo.com/archives/whats_in_your_gadget_bag_cory.php from Electrolite > Sidelight ("What has Cory got in his pocketses?")
TokyoFlash OVO DecisionMaker watch[old link] : this is the dumbest and coolest watch I've ever owned (my grandfather was a watchmaker, so I've owned quite a few). It has a built-in fortune-teller and direction-suggester (buttons you press to make it do a little animation and then toss a coin or spin a spinner), and a bunch of really cute, faux-futuristic animation routines. The physical design is GREAT, just beautiful to look at, like something from the set of Rollerball, and I relish the impracticality of a watch that makes you sit through a 10-second animation before showing you the time, and which periodically goes into "naughty mode" where it distorts the time so that you can't read it until you give it a "corrective shake" that's hard enough to trip the built-in motion-sensor. -- Cory Doctorow
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