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Friday, February 20, 2004
On the talkback on radio the other day they were discussing Mark Latham's recent comments in his National Press Club speech about 'mentoring' boys & the 'crisis in masculinity', and John Howard's response to it:

It was intriguing - though not unusual - to hear one 'right wing' Liberal supporter yet again blame 'the problems with boys' (they also can be talking about 'the problems with children' or 'the problems with families') on the part of the "Social Revolution" that he probably doesn't like, e.g. the change of woman's roles, instead of the the part that he probably does support, e.g. the increased "flexibility" (= insecurity & uncertainty) in work & decreased government family support (baby clinics, school advisers, etc, etc) that means people feel much more personal pressure to dedicate themselves to their work lives, while having less to fall back on.
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