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Wednesday, February 04, 2004
Give Your Cat Fun for Hours!

A Sample from our wide range:
Give Your Cat Fun for Hours
(Remember to wear black.) Neil Gaiman's Fred might like this - it might distract him from the collar-thing he has on right now.

weblog.delacour.net - "The Heart of Things" has some not-uninteresting discussion/ramblings/material, e.g.:
In my Ozu anniversary post I quoted Donald Richie’s belief that “you are what you do, and nothing more nor less; the sum total of your choices, your actions, is the sum total of yourself”. Thus it should be clear that my antipathy towards the unconstrained vision of human nature is based at least partly upon a conviction that intentions count for nothing, that only actions have value.

It is my struggle with precisely this that gets me down betimes. So much I think & feel & intend & want, so little achieved.

www.thetruth.com/index.cfm?connect=truth ,,, ummmm ... You work it out. If you want

February 16, 2004 issue
SUBJECT TO DEBATE by Katha Pollitt

Judy, Judy, Judy
The ongoing public inquest into Dr. Judith Steinberg [Howard Dean's wife] makes me see, however, that we need First Ladies ...

(NOT the one mentioned in the above article. This one is "By JUDITH SHULEVITZ" and Published: February 1, 2004")

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