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Tuesday, January 27, 2004
Some people are throwing doubt on the accepted story of the development of Penicillin - apparently the aliens did it (again)! Why is there so much doubt of what humans are capable of? [The history of penicillin] is a complex tale of accident, serendipity, oversight, conflict, the pressure of war, idiosyncratic personalities ...
So you don't believe the Universities of Sheffield ( www.shef.ac.uk/mbb/mbb-own/mbbhist0.html ) & Oxford, Howard Florey ( www.tallpoppies.net.au/florey/researcher/theperson/main-content.html ) and Ernst Chain?

These are two good sites - the BBC one gives lots of different aspects & details, the other talks about the different legends that build up about important events & people.
www.search-10.net/phpst.php?st=who%20discovered%20penicillin and

And these are some fairly detailed descriptions of the work "from the horse's mouth":
www.nobel.se/medicine/laureates/1945/chain-lecture.pdf (chemical-tech)
www.nobel.se/medicine/laureates/1945/fleming-lecture.pdf(details of early work & warning of resistance)

www.findarticles.com/cf_dls/m1373/3_53/98754825/p1/article.jhtml (The German quest for penicillin.)
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