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Monday, January 19, 2004
The Fortress of Solitude
by Jonathan Lethem

Review by Adam Mars-Jones
Sunday January 11, 2004
The Observer

There's an assumption in much contemporary American writing that detail is a virtue in itself. Not so. Each detail has a definite weight, and unless it also has some spin on it, it is likely to be laid down as fatty tissue in the prose. Jonathan Lethem's detail is largely lifeless. It clogs the narrow arteries of his narrative.

We are very pleased to present to you the award winning work of Debbie New.

Debbie grew up in Australia where she first began to knit. After University, marriage and motherhood, she and her family moved from country to country and finally settled in Canada. She holds degrees in Microbiology and Education, has worked as a musician and inventor as well as in the field of biomedical engineering, and is a mother of 8!

For the last nine years she has knitted seriously (and in jest) and shows her work and teaches around the world. She enjoys the non-traditional possibilities of knitting and has masterminded innovative freeform techniques, such as 'virtual knitting' and 'swirl knitting', to achieve striking effects in her work. She has won many awards for her 'knittings' and has been named Waterloo Region's Visual Artist of the Year - a surprising recognition for a knitter.
Be sure to look for Debbie New's brand new book 'Unexpected Knitting'.

Mars24 - Time on Mars - Download

The Mars24 package contains:
    Double-clickable Mars24 application.
    Equirectangular map file "marsmap.jpg".
    Martian landmarks file "marslandmarks.xml".
    Sample settings files with filename extension ".m24".
    A README file.
    A subdirectory called "help" which includes user documentation.

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