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Friday, December 12, 2003
hospital flaws
[Sally: There were 6 entries about the Aust Democrats - not 1, but still not many.]

I agree with Peter previously that the idea of just looking at the people who failed under immense pressure doesn't necessarily help finding how to ease the pressure.
But it's not just the State Health Department, it's the ideologues in Federal & State government (& the 'commentariat' as they sometimes call other members of the commentariat that they disagree with) who try to lower the standard in public health, education, transport, home building (recall the recent inspection scandal), etc, etc, in their push away from the system that people have been trying to build up ever since humans decided that "the war of all against all" was not conducive to what we hopefully call civilization.

Australia was, from say 1860-1970, a lesson that "Social Darwinism" did not create a good, humane, happy community; that "The Stain" could be erased (criminality was not necessarily in the blood) as ex-convicts & their children created decent lives; and that the people who worked to create the wealth for others could have a reasonable life while still supporting the old, young or sick, and without having to massacre the others who also live off that wealth.
Australasia was a happy contradiction to both types of totalitarians (Right & Left), as well as Laissez Faire (sp?) traders.
Now it appears that fanatics of economic 'reform' are able to destroy all this while blaming those that are struggling under their conditions
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