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Thursday, November 06, 2003
British Library Adopt a Book scheme

Your choice of what to adopt - full list

All titles in the list are available for adoption, but only certain titles are suitable for shared adoption (from £25). These will read "shared adoption" next to their title. As a shared adoptor you will receive a certificate with your name and the title of the book you have adopted. All the titles that are not marked as "shared adoption" are available for individual adoption (from £150). As an individual adoptor you are the exclusive donor of this book and therefore as well as receiving a certificate your name will be recorded on a permanent bookplate.

The Case Regarding Upper & Lower Case Lettering

Please help us in feeding the hungry children of Argentina. Each click will donate a ration of food to a child. This donation will not represent any cost to you, it will be paid by the companies that sponsor Por los Chicos.com

Locus online


The Walls Have Ears
Wolves in the Walls
by Neil Gaiman
Reviewed by Iain Emsley

Happy Halloween Weekend from Gothic.Net!
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