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Monday, November 24, 2003
See post below for Wed Nov 05, 07:23:47 PM
Metacortechs ? As in meta-cortex ?
The outer layer of gray matter that covers the surface of
the cerebral hemisphere of the brain.
An external layer.
Meta- : can mean
Later in time: metestrus.
At a later stage of development: metanephros.
Situated behind: metacarpus.
Change; transformation: metachromatism.
Alternation: metagenesis.
Beyond; transcending; more comprehensive: metalinguistics.
At a higher state of development: metazoan.
Having undergone metamorphosis: metasomatic.
Derivative or related substance: metaprotein
You could make a couple of stabs at possible meanings of a metacortex. I'm
a bit pressed for time, so might come back later, or just let other people
throw around their ideas.
Core Techs ... hmmm ...
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