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Wednesday, October 01, 2003
Walk to Work Day & related issue
Note: This Friday, October 3rd (i.e., the day the October Labour Day Long Weekend mass car transmigration begins) is National Walk to Work Day.

If you are visiting the web site (

brace yourself as our Beloved & Respected Great Leader is a major symbol of it. The above link is designed to start you off less shockingly.

PS: If I hear one more eejut saying "walk up the stairs at work" I'm going to take them to the tallest building I can find, put them into the stairwell at the ground floor, stand outside the exit in the alleyway amongst the garbage cans and forbid them to come out until they have gone to every level in the building to see which of them they can get out of the stairwell at.

Naturally I would make sure they don't have a mobile phone to call someone, and would make sure that the workers on the floors outside were alert to only open the (usually alarm-triggering) doors if it really sounded like there was a medical emergency.

I have had some experience of trying to use stairs in many modern buildings, and like certain suburbs or shopping centres, the ease of use for pedestrians is very poor (& access by public transport also frequently discouraged).
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