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Saturday, October 11, 2003
Peter Macinnis wrote:
<snip> The stupid argument that Ehrlich's predictions turned out to be wrong so
what would he know? was pushed by Miranda the Divine. <snip>

Two points about this one:
   1. If you say that a number of people will probably fall off a dangerous clifftop path unless a safety fence is put up, how can people say "well that prediction was wrong" if fewer people fall off the path following the erection of a fence?
Possibly because a lot of the work that went on to reduce consumption & pollution of resources was rather behind the scenes, and is taken for granted now (like unwidowed women being able to own their own property only in the time of my grandmother -- the UK is celebrating the Centenary of the start of Suffragette movement, the year after we celebrated 100 years of Australian women voting), people forget how much has changed, and how much of the problem now is due to the increased population (doubled since about 1960?).

   2. Surely some parts of the Club of Rome/Ehrlich predictions have happened -- how many millions have died in the last three or so decades?
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