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Saturday, October 11, 2003
More on "Working Harbour"
Supporting various people who like to see a "real" place, it's not just aesthetic.
It's far better for people & society to not forget just what they depend on. It's like only seeing milk in bottles or meat shorn of any resemblance to real animals, sealed behind plastic.

If it's rubbed in their faces, for example, that those shiny gorgeous cars so many of us are obsessed with the 'prestige' of are shipped in by hulking, rusty, foreign-registered steel icebergs of ships and dumped out by the thousand, like the bags of wheat we used to export, then just perhaps some of those tunnel-visioned types might reconsider the true value of decent transport, instead of rejigging another novated lease scheme.

Perhaps that's unlikely, but so many people seem to have no idea whatsoever just what connection they & their lifestyle have to the rest of the world.

Whether it's not seeing what happens to other kinds of life in producing their food, or the kind of destruction wrought to other humans, human society, other inhabitants of the planet & the supporting infrastructure of the biosphere itself in producing & bringing their other goods & services to them, this kind of ignorance may be bliss for a happy few, for a time, but can lead to the kind of crash & misery for many, for a longer time that has been seen before in both natural & human disasters.
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