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Monday, September 22, 2003
No News, Really
Alas, today after that rather exhausting three days, despite being awake and (eventually) strong enough to chivvy mother down the street for a combined walk and bank-visiting, bill-paying trip, the brain was not quite enough in order to actually pay the blasted bills! Got the money into the right accounts, took envelopes, bills, cheque-book, but because of hitch had to 'race' back home with mother - at mother's top speed around 0.75kph (1/2mph) - then speed back before bank closed. Somehow as I left it, total purpose of trip somehow slipped out of neural net. Should have just gone out by myself as originally planned. Even if I'd forgotten on the first or second outing, I would have time to get there and back before the places closed. Since a few of the bills are now rather overdue, I must do it tomorrow on the way to work.
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