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Monday, September 22, 2003
Good News I Think
Well, had a real strong push over the last week and managed - I think - to obtain all the assorted documents needed, make all the copies needed, get all the copies certified, find & assemble all the data needed, fill in all the forms with it correctly, and then both submit the forms at the office and post the other by registered post. Had some of these before, but needed to fill in the gaps and, as the saying goes (or at least went), "get my act together".

Used up much of my personal goodwill with some people, most of my energy, an awful lot of time & travel & not inconsiderable money. But that's two very very important things started. If all goes well, these will let me take a number of very heavy weights off my poor sore back and lift onerous burdens from a flagging spirit. Very great thanks and gratitude to those who helped & harried me onwards.

Slept for about 14 hours after feeding mother, then got up on Saturday to do the week's shopping & housework.

Fell into bed again that evening but perhaps because of the earlier long sleep had a very broken night. Before when I haven't been able to sleep I've got up and done some blogging or other kinds of work, but I don't want to get back into the turned-around daily rhythm, so just stewed in bed.

Luckily weather is neither too steamy nor too frosty right now for sleeping comfortably, but fell asleep, woke again, drowsed again, slept; woke; slept; woken abruptly by phone call, otherwise I might have slept until noon. Anyway, ended up being pushed to Art Gallery to see exhibition I've been trying to get to for a month or so. It's been far too long since I got there.

This exhibition is called "Seasons", subtitled "Transience in Japanese Art" (Art Gallery link). There are large screens, wall scrolls, kimonos, hand scrolls, printed book pages, painted porcelain, lacquerware, all with a seasonal theme. The trick with this particular one is that for the first month of the exhibition all the Spring and Summer items were displayed (while we were in winter), and they are changing over this week (Vernal Equinox) to the Autumn and Winter displays for the second month. Being a special exhibition, you have to pay to go into that part of the gallery, but having paid to go into the first part, you can hold onto your ticket and use it to see the second part. I succumbed to the catalogue because I do really have a thing for Japanese art, but again there was a bonus because a CD-ROM was included. Some other exhibitions I've seen they are sold separately.

My friends weren't as interested so louched around the rest of the place and the park outside (Domain) until closing time when I was gently eased out the doors. Then we walked down through the Botanic Gardens to Mrs Macquarie's Chair, sat by the harbour and watched everything around shimmering into dusk & twilight before I caught the bus home.
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