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Tuesday, August 05, 2003
Tom the Good (one) has posted the winners in the Matrix Essays Matrix Haiku Competition (see July 22 below). These are the results:


(NOTE: Whenever I give this type of link, the bit you see is shortened, 'cos the full long link runs out of browser width. Clicking the link should work. Otherwise you should be able to work out what the domain name is that has to go before the bit you see.)

The Jubilee Garden (art of James Koehnline)

A post called The inner workings of the internet mind from a blog "Postcards from the Bleeding Edge"

An alternative take on the Most Wanted Iraqis pack of cards:

www.0101010.org The Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul blog

www.jerrypournelle.com/view/view.html Jerry Pournelle's "View from Chaos Manor" & related stuff site.
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