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Tuesday, July 15, 2003
Harley Sorensen has a column at SFGate. Many good bits. In this one:
he points to an interesting blogger: plubius.blogspot.com

Full Moon last night & tonight. In the clear cold sky of midwinter, its brilliance shines very strongly indeed. Despite the chill, I caught a ferry home & sat outside to watch it over the harbour. In the yard last night, most of the stars were washed out by it, except for the golden sparkle of Mars at opposition, but every leaf of grass seemed to lift itself separately above a black slice of shadow.
Such precious moments I hope to remember in years to come, like the September night Chris & I spent on a hired yacht we'd sailed onto Myall Lakes, rocking quietly in the starlight & listening on a rather crackly radio to the satellite broadcast of Princess Diana's funeral. cue Roy Batty: "All these memories ..."

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