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Thursday, July 17, 2003
Bringing back Memories
Friday, 23 March 2001 11:33
PS: Schoner Gotterfunken -- golden-red & bright, like a cigarette flipped out of a car speeding past you at night Mir arced up through the haze & patchy cloud, just after 2010 -- after berating myself for missing it the night before, I'd set my alarm watch & had to interrupt a conversation to dash down the corridor & turn out lights.

Seeing was excrable here at work, leaning out of the northern kitchen window with streetlights, houselights, illuminated construction cranes & floodlights glaring up at me & moths disguising themselves as orbiting artifacts. As my hand-shielded eyes slowly adjusted to things dimmer than Jupiter & Saturn, they would pop into peripheral vision & shimmer in the fog & filthy air, also masquerading as orbiting artifacts.

Had to stay for metadata work until after 2300 & then forgot to ask for receipt from taxidriver!!! That's the third time, counting my amnesia at Canberra, and after 2200 the rate goes up, instead of $15-$17, it's $20-$22. Grrr. So I may not be wending at 1720ish, but if possible, I'll try to get some coverage of it.


{PPS: Bach's birthday, March 21st; Beethoven's deathday, March 27th: for some connexion between these two, see www.bachfaq.org/odetojoy.html}

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