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Monday, June 16, 2003

Taliessin's Riddle

Discover thou what it is,- -
The strong creature from before the flood,
Without flesh, without bone, without head, without feet,
It will neither be younger nor older than at the beginning;
It has no fear, nor the rude wants of created things.
Great God! how the sea whitens when it comes!
It is in the field, it is in the wood,
Without hand, without foot,
Without age, without season,
It is always of the same age with the ages of ages,
And of equal breadth with the surface of the earth.
It was not born, it sees not,
And is not seen; it does not come when desired:
It has no form, it bears no burden.
For it is void of sin.
It makes no perturbation in the place where God wills it,
On the sea, on the land

A classic riddle, made at Castle Teganwy, Wales.
This could be seen as my contribution to Bloomsday. The celebration of the day described in James Joyce's Ulysses is usually quite substantial in Sydney.
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