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Monday, June 09, 2003
"[The Matrix] has far more potential for intellectual masturbation than Star Trek as this blog proves superbly." -- Harry

Might go & see the sequel sometime. I only saw the original on TV. It was a fairly enjoyable reworking of some classic themes. I don't like its attitude towards killing off us little 'transistors' in the circuit board, though - the old 'breaking eggs to make an omelette' rationale.
As a Sydneysider, it's fun to check out the backgrounds, and nice to see familiar actors. One nice bit of "Farscape" was that most of the non-leads were Ozzie, and even if you didn't recognise their faces, hearing your own voices really comforted the ear.

The other, amusing, thing was seeing familiar bushland, sometimes with things like bits of bushes splashed with blue paint, or with other odd things inserted to make it look like an alien planet. If they went out into some of the remoter parts of Australia, they'd find some quite alien & strange looking things, but that's not only difficult, sometimes dangerous & also *expensive*.

Funny thing: One of our touted hot new actresses, Claudia Karvan, played a major part in several connected Farscape episodes, but she was almost totally covered in a very exotically glamorous exoskelton in bluey-purpley-greenish shades, with 1950s type extended fins. She did a nice predatorily evil femme fatale. The later eps of the series seemed to be somewhat influenced by Matrix style.

My friend The Collector has DVD of the first series, & hopes to collect the other series of it, so we'll be able to follow through & examine some of those sorts of things. The TV station that was showing it treated it very badly, & made it a chore to try & watch & follow. Have missed whole chunks, seen other bits out of sequence & so forth, still enjoyed what I saw, but you miss or misunderstand quite a bit. Doubt that this is some arse-about way of merchandising the video/DVD versions - am inclined to more the stuff-up than the conspiracy.
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