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Saturday, June 28, 2003
Have read that George Lucas & Co are back in town again, ready to start filming Star Wars (part three of the second trilogy, which deals with bits before the first trilogy, so this one is now called Part 3, with the very first Star Wars now called Part 4). <pant>, <pant>
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Anyway, the 'stars' get spotted around town, but they seem to stay fairly safely in the Eastern Suburbs & the other really expensive other parts of town, so I will be pretty free of them. Unlike the The Matrix crew (or Mission Impossible), they don't tend to take over chunks of the city for filming. There's a lot of secrecy around the sets, too, so it's unlikely in the extreme that anyone will see a strangely-costumed actor wandering the streets except for the oddbods of Newtown, during street carnivals, or the ones who you can usually see busking around the streets.

Unfortunately it means you also don't get the frisson of the landscape (as in Farscape, which moved outdoors at times - see below, June 9). I don't know if you get some Australian accents in the bit parts, must try to listen when I see it, whenever that is. Not so keen on this set of three films, but they are often good to look at without taking them too seriously.
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