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Thursday, June 12, 2003
Citrus names (page 1 of 3)
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Citrus aurantiifolia (Christm. et Panz.) Swingle

SYNONYM(S) : Citrus medica L. var. acida (Roxb.) Hook. f., Citrus acida Roxb. , Citrus lima Lunan , Citrus medica L. var. acida (Roxb.) Hook. f., Citrus aurantium L. subsp. aurantifolia , Citrus aurantium L. var. aurantifolia , Citrus hystrix DC. ssp. acida (Roxb.) Engl., Citrus javanica Blume, Citrus notissima Blanco, Limonia aurantifolia Christm. & Panzer.

ARABIC : Limah.
CHINESE : Lai meng, Lai meng
DANISH : Lime.
DUTCH : Lemmetje, Limoen (Flemish).
ENGLISH : Lime, Common lime, Acid lime, Mexican lime, West Indian lime, Sour lime, Large lime, Key lime.
FRENCH : Limette acide, Limettier, Lime mexicaine.
GERMAN: Limettenbaum, Limettenzitrone, Saure Limette.
KHMER : Krôôch chhmaa muul.
MALAY : Limau nipis, Limau neepis, Limau asam (Malaysia), Jeruk neepis, Jeruk nipis (Indonesia) , Jeruk pecel (Indonesia).
PORTUGUESE : Lima ácida, Limão galego.
SPANISH : Lima ácida, Lima chica, Limón agrio, Limón chiquito, Limón criollo.
TAGALOG : Dayap, Dayalap.
THAI : Manao, Som manao.
VISAYAN : Suwa, (Biyasong, Limun ?).

Sydney Postharvest Laboratory
located at Food Science Australia (CSIRO & Afisc), Sydney, Australia
The Sydney Postharvest Laboratory (SPL) has its origins in a thirty year tradition of international excellence in horticultural and plant physiology research. The main services offered to the fresh fruit and vegetable industry are :- advice and research for specific problems, evaluation of postharvest technologies, storage and handling software, assistance with commercialisation, training, patents for licensing, expert witness and cargo loss.
Fruit The current Laboratory is based on personnel previously from CSIRO. It is located at Food Science Australia (CSIRO & Afisc) and has many close collaborative links with both Food Science Australia and Sydney University involving personnel and equipment. However, it offers a fully independent research and consultancy service. It has a large number of contacts and collaborations with leading Australian and international personnel, both from other Australian institutions and companies and from overseas.
Includes pages:
Optimal Fresh - Horticultural Storage and Handling Database
Produce Fruit & Vegetable Storage Information
Postharvest Information Sheets
Alternate and Botanical Names of Horticultural Crops
Comprehensive Postharvest Horticulture (+ Extras) Links
Australian Fresh Produce Availability and Market Information
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