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Tuesday, June 17, 2003
Assorted Matrix Movie Discussions
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By Annalee Newitz

Sex in the matrix

Ultan's Library
a journal for the study of Gene Wolfe
updated sep 2002
Editors: Jonathan Laidlow & Nigel Price

News and other off-site Wolfeana

* Gene Wolfe and Neil Gaiman chat in the latest issue of Locus: extracts available online
* Ultan contributor Dr Nick Gevers interviewed Gene Wolfe for SFSite
* Wolfe's essay on Tolkien, "The Best Introduction to the Mountains" now available online


Robert Borski - Desanctifying Victor Trenchard: some notes on Peter Wright's "Confounding the Skin and the Mask"
Peter Wright - Confounding the Skin and the Mask: Gene Wolfe’s The Fifth Head of Cerberus and the Politics of Ambiguity

Jeremy Crampton - Torture and confession in Wolfe's Book of the New Sun

Nick Gevers - Five Steps Towards Briah: Gene Wolfe's The Book of the Long Sun

Nick Gevers - The Reader as Augur: Beginnings and Endings in Gene Wolfe's The Book of the Long Sun

Jeremy Crampton - Some Greek Themes in Gene Wolfe's Latro novels


* The Book of the New Sun reviewed by Peter Wright
* On Blue's Waters reviewed by Nigel Price
* Strange Travelers reviewed by Michael Andre-Driussi
* The Fifth Head of Cerberus reviewed by Robert Borski

Reference Materials

New: Uncollected Short Fiction by Gene Wolfe - a checklist-in-progress
Secondary Bibliography - a working bibliography of critical material on Gene Wolfe
About the Contributors - further details of our writers

Sundry Other Matters:

Details of the Gene Wolfe Symposium held at the University of Birmingham in 2000.(original call for papers)

Links to other Gene Wolfe and Science Fiction websites and resources

from One Ring (the complete guide to Tolkein online), the section
Articles and Essays

Top / Literature / Articles and Essays

There are 35 sites in this category, listed alphabetically.

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Interzone, Britain's leading science-fiction and fantasy magazine, founded in 1982,

Interzone has published short stories by many of the big names of the field, from Brian Aldiss and J. G. Ballard to Ian Watson and Gene Wolfe, but its particular strength has been in the nurturing of newer writers

Without Interzone, the already depressed British sf publishing scene would become a wasteland, and there would be no place left for new British writers to develop their craft... Interzone is and has been vital to the evolution of science fiction in the eighties and nineties, and I personally hope that it continues to be so for many years to come
- Gardner Dozois, introduction to his The Year's Best Science Fiction, Thirteenth Annual Collection (New York, St Martin's Press, 1996

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