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Monday, April 28, 2003
Today is seven years since the Port Arthur Massacre.
There's a bunch of conspiracy theories about it. Am less likely to believe these than that people could have taken advantage of it.

It's Saddam Hussein al Tikriti's 66th birthday -- wherever he may be celebrating it.

April 29th (Tuesday) is the last day of my Annual Travelpass, but due to my own stuff-ups -- NTBCW Stuff-It, which is something else entirely -- the next one will start on May 2nd (Friday). I have to travel to work on Wednesday & Thursday, so will have to:
A) pay full price;
B) pay every time I travel
It also means that it will be starting in May, which is the month they usually announce how much the new financial year's travelpass prices will be & start charging for new ones at pro rata that price.
That date, is, however, an important one for me, being:
A) My mother's birthday (she'll be 90 years old);
B) My anniversary at Lawbook (20 years)
Unfortunately I've neglected organising a cake for her yet -- will try to get that done.
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