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Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Words, words, words

Are you aware of the Double-Tongued Dictionary, a lexicon of fringe English - www.doubletongued.org ?

(Seems to be associated with 'A Way with Words', about words, grammar, and language on USA public radio)

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Friday, May 25, 2007
A Looking Glass
"Mirror" Reflects Slo Mo Images in Real Time

Picture House at Belsay Hall
This exhibition at Belsay Hall (near Newcastle, northern England) “sees the magnificent empty and austere nineteenth century Hall, fourteenth century castle and grade one listed gardens transformed by film directors, sound and music producers, performers, artists and fashion designers

As part of the English Heritage Picture House exhibition ( http://www.picturehousebelsay.co.uk/installations/artist.php?id=6&total=15 ), UVA created a video installation titled “Hereafter”. Hereafter uses a high speed camera to create a live history of the space, mixing previous recorded interactions, objects and people.
Solar Systems – Straight & Heat Pump

This is system I saw at Easter Show. It's a variation on the standard solar Hot Water System idea, rather than the 'heat pump' technology I'm quite keen on

Hills Endless Solar hot water system
"Operates up to 40% more efficiently than traditional flat plate solar systems", "Perfect for cold, humid and hail-prone areas", "Easily fitted to most existing electric or instant gas systems"

Heat Pumps

Edwards Hot Water

from the "Pure Energy Systems" wiki -- might have other info.

Solar Shop
These have a range of different HWS (& other devices) to give you an idea of the variety of choices.
See the list at the bottom of the pages
"Solar Shop has a team of professional electricians as well as contractors who manufacture the renewable system in-house and perform the on site installations." -- www.solarshop.com.au/about%20us%20page.htm
These people have a range of systems:
Quantum Energy Technologies

In General
'Be Green': www.begreen.com.au

Ecological Homes (Inner Sydney) – www.ecologicalhomes.com.au


Friday, May 18, 2007
Falling: Well or Badly?
Obituaries: The Times; Toronto Star;
Chris Hitchens: Slate (YouTube) & a more general interview Late Night Live (MP3), (streaming)
I flashed back to my reactions on hearing that Ayatollah Khomeini had died: relief that he wouldn't be able to, personally, do more harmful & hateful things, then sadness that he wouldn't have any more chance to make any amendments that might help, because now there was no hope that he might help his followers change their minds.
OK that's a very faint hope indeed, but >0.

I recommend Lady Sisyphus' comment, which includes: "In the hearts and minds of folk who use Christianity as an excuse to hate, Jerry Falwell lives. He's arguably more useful dead, as his spirit lives on while his potential for embarrassing himself further has been curtailed."

Roy Zimmerman had an earlier musical comment.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Unsurprising: Shielded with smoke, bedazzled by mirrors

Budget puts tax burden on average workers
Matt Wade Economics Writer
May 15, 2007

www.smh.com.au/ news/ national/ budget-puts-tax-burden-on-average-workers/ 2007/ 05/ 14/ 1178995079809.htmlor
www.smh.com.au/ articles/ 2007/ 05/ 14/ 1178995079809.html
www.smh.com.au/ text/ articles/ 2007/ 05/ 14/ 1178995079809.html (text-only version)

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Friday, May 11, 2007
Catalina Flying Boat & Man
Old-style flying boat plane (PBY Catalina) that can also land on solid ground with the wheels. I think it's Ron standing by it. There is a framed photo (which I think another family member has) showing his father standing by a similar aeroplane.

For many years there was a Flying Boat Base at Rose Bay in Sydney Harbour, and my childhood home was under the flightpath of the large Catalinas coming in to land. We were some floors up in a block of flats, and at night sometimes they were so low I could see the people behind the lighted windows in the passenger cabin. My memory is they flew to Norfolk & Lord Howe Islands.

The base closed down a few decades back, but has since reopened for much smaller planes. They run a more local service, e.g. to the Hawkesbury River, and probably joy flights around the Sydney area. I saw a similar small plane in Strahan, Tasmania (see TAS_4212).

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